Technological advancement, research and analytical support and decades of marketing experience of our team and cooperation with our Level-Up Media media house and Loyalty Point allow us to quickly build both short- and long-term brand strategies.

Demographic data is not enough to be sure that the path that we choose for the brand is the right one. In-depth understanding of the consumer's world, his psychographic and ethnographic features, is only the first step to build the brand world.

Market research, consumer research, qualitative competition analysis, benchmarks and inspiration from foreign markets, consumer, product and category insights, project planning, workshops, creation of documentation − these are just a few processes that we can provide our customers with when developing brand strategy.


Building positive customer experience at every stage of the purchasing path, at every point of contact with the consumer, is a key task for the marketer.

We study and create persons, empathy maps, touchpoints, shopping tracks, and we model multichannel communication strategies to build the best possible brand promise experience.

We advise on which marketing options will be the best for small and large business.

We suggest which tools to use in online marketing, what the near and far future should look like, how to ultimately build customer experience, employee experience, which, due to the increasing consumer demands, become crucial in the company's marketing strategy.


We have many years of experience in the planning and operation of pro-sales activities, carried out for the largest companies in all market sectors.

We rely on the trend according to which 70% of consumers' purchasing decisions depend on how they are treated by the brand, and only 30% on the product properties.

Together with our partner, Loyalty Point, we provide comprehensive support in the organization of all types of consumer promotions for our customers.

We provide some of the most effective advertising market sales support offers both online (e-commerce) and at the point of sale and in other communication channels, which we plan together with our Level-Up Media media house.


When preparing loyalty systems strategies for our customers, we use practical knowledge and experience, which are the result of implementations for many industries.

We offer our customers support in the field of strategies, loyalty system, construction and maintenance of CRM systems, programme auditing and service. We also offer data warranty and service, as well as logistics for implementing marketing activities.

Together with our partner Loyalty Point, we analyse data and define goals – on this basis we define the tasks the implementation of which has a measurable sales effect.

We offer loyalty programmes, gamification platforms, mobile applications supporting the sales, multi-partner programmes and many other tools that increase the shopping cart.


Together with our Level-up Media media house, we work on understanding and using data for the purpose of making good business decisions.

We draw conclusions from previous and current campaigns. We create dedicated dashboards, offering the possibility to track the results of all channels in terms of qualitative and quantitative KPIs, and adapt them to any parameters from on-site tools.

We optimize not only media campaigns; together with Loyalty Point, we offer comprehensive audits of sales, maintenance, communication and operational processes.

We thoroughly analyse the effectiveness of organizational processes using the best industry and data analysis practices and interviews with people directly and indirectly responsible for their implementation.

As a result, we provide the customer with a precise diagnosis of the situation and recommendations for improvement.

Research & development

For our customers, we check what makes consumers buy, like and share, and what their purchasing process looks like. Development of consumer, person, and consumer journey insights offers an insight into their lives and what is important to them. When we know how they think, it is easier for us to design communication strategies. Obtaining intuitive knowledge of who you are, whom you serve, where you appear and how you develop is perhaps the most reliable way to ensure the continued success of your business.

Internet is a dynamic environment. Collecting data on a regular basis and observing social change you can decide where you should be and how to build a message for the target group.

To move forward, you need both marketing and innovation. The brand is the most powerful asset of your business. Brand experience, which is crucial in its communication, results from the brand identity, essence and unique promises, qualities, values, culture – expressed on the website, in the logo and promotional slogans.

We assist in market research and evaluation; we deal with brand evolution management, building awareness, brand refreshment e.g. through controlled brand experiments.