• Tomasz Baranowski
  • Łukasz Janowski
  • Piotr Nogal
  • Tomasz Danielewicz
  • Paulina Moryc
  • Monika Donner
  • Marta Palka
  • Olga Sroka-Muth
  • Agnieszka Kowalczyk
  • Konrad Smoczny
  • Juliusz Korwin
  • Łukasz Berski


Bluecloud Interactive

ul. Franciszka Klimczaka 1

02-797 Warsaw

P: +48 22 608 52 70

E: biuro@bluecloud.agency

We are a team of people who, in addition to working in the advertising industry, are conscious consumers that know very well the markets in which our customers operate.

We carefully analyze the trends the markets in various categories, and at the same time we very well accustomed with modern communication trends, understanding the role of brand experience or in other words experience marketing. As a result, together we create a lot of interesting, innovative and efficient communication projects.


Bluecloud Interactive

ul. Franciszka Klimczaka 1

02-797 Warszawa



// Tomasz Baranowski

Head of Client Service

email: tbaranowski@bluecloud.agency

phone: 690382535

// Łukasz Janowski

Managing Director

email: ljanowski@bluecloud.agency

phone: +48 604 492 493

Over 15 years of experience in the advertising industry; graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw, he gained experience in agencies such as Linea Recta (Unique One), Nano, BTL Point Group (PMPG Polskie Media Group), Euro RSCG RD and OEX Cursor.

He originates from the good old Client Service school. Independently and together with his teams he gained experience working for many well-known international and local brands.

At Bluecloud, he is responsible for managing the work of the agency, strategy of the agency’s activities in the market and finding the synergy of activities within the group with Loyalty Point and Level-UP Media.


In his work, he likes meeting people of various characters and create well-integrated, strong teams. What is the most important for him is customer satisfaction and good working atmosphere. His favourite quote is that by Pablo Picasso: „Everything you can imagine is real.”

// Piotr Nogal

Strategy and Innovation Director

email: pnogal@bluecloud.agency

phone: +48 509 903 173

He has been working in the marketing industry since 2003. He witnessed the development of the interactive industry in Poland, creating e.g. social media communication standards. He has many years of experience in the organization and planning of online promotional campaigns. From the beginning, he has been responsible for the promotion and communication strategies, as well as interactive creations and innovations. He managed creative teams, social media departments, interactive, film and content marketing production teams, and from the very beginning he has been associated with electronic media planning. Mix Award nominee, and the winner of the Effie Awards.

Extensive experience in cooperation with large brands, such as: Mattel, Orlen, Zelmer, IKEA, PWC, Syngenta, Coty, Pracuj.pl and e.g. in the FMCG industry: Dilmah, Roko, Olej Wielkopolski, Majonez Wielkopolski, Tuńczyk Princes, Lindt, Grycan, Uncle Bens, Hous of Asia; in the cosmetics industry: Bourjois Paris, Max Factor, Miss Sporty, Oriflame, Rimmel, Astor, Sally Hansen, Nivea; in the electronic industry: iSpot, Panasonic, Huawei, FujiFilm; in the financial sector: XTB, Idea Money, Accenture; in the pharmaceutical sector: Sanofi, Merck, Polpharma; in the retail sector: Hala Koszyki, Ikea (e.g. PH Targówek, Janki, Port Łódź, Matarnia), Unibail Rodamco (e.g.: Arkadia, Galeria Mokotów, Złote Tarasy); in the property development sector: Skanska, Dom Development.

At Bluecloud, he is responsible for the management and implementation of agency services in the field of interactive production, social media, content marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, buzz marketing and online promotion strategies, as well as building brand image on the Internet.


After 10 years of managing the Vacaloca agency, he decided to extend the competence range of his work and offers, and thus he joined a larger media and advertising group, and in Bluecloud he combined a team of interactive industry professionals with experienced ATL/BTL field marketing seniors. Many years of experience in the interactive industry in various fields allows him to manage consumer experience when connecting multiple communication channels and creating omni-channel promotional offer. He manages the processes of creation of brand strategies and communication strategies, with particular emphasis on custom online promotional activities, for example viral marketing, content marketing, social media.

// Tomasz Danielewicz

Creative Director

// Paulina Moryc

Head of Social Media

She gained her 7 years of experience as a social media specialist at OS3, at Vacaloca agency and as a freelancer. She is also a lecturer at Szkola Mistrzow Reklamy (the School of Advertising Masters).

She is currently working with her team for brands such as Fujifilm (WPS, Instax), S.C. Johnson (Glade, Kiwi, OFF), Biobazar, Dr Oetker, Vichy, Koalicja Klimatyczna. Previously, she implemented dozens of social media campaigns, for example for brands: Lego, Indigo, Hala Koszyki, Zbyszko (Roko), Princes, COTY (Miss Sporty, Bourjois, Rimmel), Panasonic, Huawei, Dom Development, Philips, Hasbro, and Tarczyński, etc.

At BlueCloud Interactive, her work focuses mainly on organizing the team’s work so that it is even more effective, as well as creating and planning communication strategies in social media (including influencer marketing and WoMM).

// Monika Donner

Strategy Creative Director

She has been working in the advertising industry for 20 years, most of the time as a Creative Director. She feels at ease in all areas of advertising communication, strategy and creation, both online and offline.

She has worked both for major international brands and brands of Polish origin, for which she won an impressive number of prizes and awards at advertising


She likes challenges. She is mostly interested in the development of strategies and creative ideas,  introducing new brands to the market or creating them from scratch.


In her work, she likes meeting people and when different world views collide with each other. She believes that working in advertising is group work, and the best ideas are created when opposing
points of view meet. Not without reason creative meetings are called storms − she likes the ones  with lightnings and rain of ideas.

// Marta Palka

Creative Group Head

She has been managing teams for almost 10 years. She gained her advertising experience in IQ Marketing, VA, Polymus, TBWA. An enthusiast of beauty both in advertising and people.

She has worked for such brands as: Jacobs, Milka, Prince Polo, Wyborowa, Absolut, Knorr, Kurpiowskie Specjały, Beiersdorf, Bambino, Mola, Henkel, Statoil, Era GSM, InPost.


− KREATURA 2015, honourable mention in the content marketing/branded content category for the „JACOBS Baw się kawą” campaign.


− Golden Arrow 2014, award in the online service category for creating przepisynakawe.pl
EFFIE 2013 silver statuette in the BEVERAGES category for the „AbraKAWAbra – wyczaruj kawowe orzeźwienie” campaign for JACOBS.


She moves freely in various areas of advertising. A person searching for new solutions that serve brands and humanity, and a guardian of quality in one.


Creation is her passion; she loves coming up with new concepts, designing, photo sessions, film sets, and anything that allows her to create new, expressive worlds, inspiring and enriching our lives.

// Olga Sroka-Muth


Copywriterka od ponad dekady, z doświadczeniem w obszarach ATL, BTL, DIGITAL i shoppermarketingu. Wymyślała między innymi dla Żywca, Samsunga, Lidla, Skanska, Proctera, Aviva czy Soraya.
Po godzinach wymyśla politykom, knuje, jak zbawić świat i słucha kryminałów. 

// Agnieszka Kowalczyk


Absolwentka Filologii Polskiej na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim oraz studiów graficznych na Polsko-Japońskiej Akademii Technik Komputerowych.

Pierwsze kroki w branży stawiała w FBC + Ad Fabrika, gdzie pisała i wymyślała m.in. dla Nivea Polska. W 2011 została również wytypowana przez agencję do udziału w konkursie Young Creatives Eurobest. Współpracowała z warszawską agencją Change oraz Plej tworząc kreacje pod marki takie jak: Energizer, Google, Tarczyński, Red Bull Mobile, Medicover, Netia czy L’Oréal. Przez ostatnie dwa i pół roku pracowała przy produkcjach video dla marki Play tworząc projekty digitalowe i btl-owe.

W Bluecloud zajmuje się copywritingiem i tworzeniem konceptów kreatywnych dla marek polskich i zagranicznych.

// Konrad Smoczny

Business Director

email: ksmoczny@bluecloud.agency

phone: +48 509 903 165

In the advertising industry for over 20 years.

The list of brands he has not worked for yet is much shorter that the one of brands he has actually cooperated with.

With his personal charm and professionalism, he ensures that every customer feels special.

What is the most satisfying for him is customer satisfaction.

// Juliusz Korwin

Team Account Leader

phone: +48 517 367 621

// Łukasz Berski

Head of Digital Production

Ekspert w dziedzinie zdrowego rozsądku. Projektant. Od ponad 10 lat związany z branżą mediową i reklamową. Pracował dla firm takich jak: Idea Money, Presspublica (dziennik „Rzeczpospolita”, Gazeta Giełdy „Parkiet”, „Życie Warszawy”; magazyn „Sukces”, „Przekrój”, „Bloomberg Businessweek Polska”), XTB, pracuj.pl, Carat (grupa Dentsu Aegis Network), KBC Securities, Tarkett.

Poza projektowaniem interesuje się kreowaniem szeroko pojętego biznesu.

W Bluecloud odpowiedzialny za produkcję interaktywną i budowanie pozytywnych relacji.

Prywatnie fan ciężkiego brzmienia, uzależniony od jedzenia, oglądania Telezakupów Mango i starego, dobrego kina akcji. W moim towarzystwie nie obraża się Stevena Seagala.